Social Media Lead Generation Tactics To Draw In Loads Of Leads

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Research shows that 66% of companies see lead generation benefits from just putting as little as six hours a week into social media. Conversion rates are 13% higher than any other platform.

Getting leads from social media is not about creating accounts everywhere – some platforms work better for some companies than others. Table of Contents how

No one is a complete guru because what works for company A might differ from what works for company B, but you can get started with these tips to get results:

Promote Gated Contents To Your Followers On Social Media

Gated contents are contents that you put a virtual gate on. It requires that the visitor fills in their information before they can move on to participate in a meeting or view content.

Preparing gated content is a way to generate leads from social media. You can lure your social media followers into giving you their contact information for your valuable content. The content can be a webinar, a video, or an event that you think is relevant to your followers.

If it comes free, even better. Most people don’t mind giving their emails away if they get free quality content in return.

When using this method to generate leads, you must bear three things in mind.

Have a simple landing page with a form ready to collect their emails and other necessary details.
Make the form as simple as possible – if it is too long, they might abandon it
Take time to develop important and quality content
Pin An Engaging Post On The Top Of Your Page To Attract Leads
Another way to generate leads through your social media accounts is to pin a relevant post at the top of your social media page.

Get people who are interested in the post to follow the link to content where you can get drop their contact information before they can continue.

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